Studio Director

Shannon Cluff

Shannon is our Hive Studio Director and has been leading yoga, Pilates and movement-based classes in Vancouver since 2004. She is our lead instructor for the Hive 200hr yoga teacher training and teacher mentorship programs and is head of planning for continuing education at Hive Yoga. Shannon's background and experience is based in corrective and functional movement, dance, mindfulness and meditation and in all of her work she places a strong emphasis on community, leadership, and mentorship. She can be reached at

Hive Yoga Teachers

Slava Golobouv

Slava was always curious about movement and complexity of expression, and after finishing a 10 day silent Vipassana course, he embarked on the journey of self exploration. For the past 3 1/2 years he has been sharing Yoga full time in Vancouver, holding space for weekly classes, assisting teacher trainings, hosting workshops and international retreats. His approach to Yoga is multilayered, but at it's core simple: PRACTICE. Join Slava's class to create flexibility and strength through both body and mind, find out how multifaceted the practice of Yoga truly is.

Hatha Yoga - AcroYoga - Yin Yoga -Thai Massage

Joe Sara

I found yoga on a dare.  A friend dared me to attend a class.  The idea was foreign to me, as I had grown up thinking fitness and health were only found on the soccer field or by lifting weights.  Boy was I wrong!  Yoga energizes the body in a way no other exercise can.  Once stuck energies (in the form of unwanted tension/tightness, injuries old and new, and under/unresolved emotions) are unstuck; they can be resolved with mindfulness, breathwork, and meditation.  Yoga is also amazing for maintaining an optimal level of mental and physical performance.  By activating the relaxation response with breathing exercises, we use deep and challenging movements to find equipoise in our thoughts and actions.

Matt Fernandes

Matt Believes that Yoga contains both discipline and softness. It is a journey toward self-realization; uncovering one's true Self and honoring the greatness within. Being a patient and humble teacher, who is attentive to the progress of each individual, he believes that each pose creates an opportunity to engage in internal stillness and tranquility. Matt holds space for every student so they may feel supported and safe throughout their practice; during movements that offer physical challenges; and experiences that range from playful to powerful and emotional.

Jason Lee

After practicing Power Yoga for a number of years, Jason discovered Ashtanga at the Ashtanga Yoga Center of Toronto (AYCT) in 2011. He has been a dedicated practitioner ever since. Under his teacher David Robson, Jason has completed three immersions at AYCT, including the Primary and Intermediate series. He is currently learning Third series.

Jason continues to find inspiration by practicing under senior teachers, however his biggest inspiration is seeing achievement through humility in his students and also through his own practice.

When Jason isn't practicing or teaching, he's climbing.

Megan Johnson

Megan approaches yoga in a way that is accessible for all bodies. She comes from a varied background, having studied and been certified in many styles of yoga, she brings elements of breath awareness, biomechanical alignment and compassion to each practice.

She strongly believes that loving someone just as they are is the best way to help them realize their potential.

Her classes embrace focus, depth and facilitate strength and relaxation, engaging experienced and beginner practitioners alike.

She is a certified E-RYT-500 hour teacher by the yoga alliance and has upcoming teacher trainings in Vancouver, North Vancouver and abroad.

Melissa Donohoe

Melissa Donohoe is greatly inspired by nature and movement. Her studies in Shamanism and love of philosophy weave into her teachings. She believes in the interconnection between all, we are all one, and when we connect deeply to our own rhythm there is a knowing it syncs up to the Mother Earth. Melissa is a full mesa carrier (studying with Christine) holds a Bachelor of Education, and is a registered yoga teacher.

Joshua Green

I've always been fascinated by movement since I was very little. I played around as a gymnast, worked my way into dance with a focus on breakdancing, then moved my way to parkour and acro yoga. I love pushing the limits of my body and my spirit and through teaching i like to help others push themselves. I welcome you to walk with me on this path and explore the true potential that I know you have inside of you.

Carly Russell

Over the past 10 years I've been working in the rehabilitation and yoga community exploring anatomy, physiology, physiotherapy, and various yoga education. My goal is to help individuals find mobility, strength, and relaxation through a more intuitive form of body movement and exercise. My teaching style begins with the breath and works outward, finding ways to promote strength and healing in the body and mind.

Certifications include E-RYT, Hatha, Restorative, Pain Care Yoga, Physiotherapy Assistant, Trauma Informed, as well as other courses and self-learning with the community in mind. I've worked with individuals with chronic pain, acute injury, low back dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, scoliosis, and other chronic conditions. I believe we all have the ability to cultivate change for the better through breath awareness, body movement, and stillness of the mind. I can't wait to continue my exploration as a teacher and a student at the Hive!

Alex King

Alex started investigating movement at a young age. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Chief Yoga and her AcroYoga certification with VanCityAcro. Alex is also an avid climber. .Join Alex's class to become reacquainted with your breath as well as create flexibility and strength through both body and mind.

Alex Hughes

Alex is an experienced Hatha Yoga teacher with over 11,000 hours of leading public classes under her belt. She is also trained in Mat Pilates, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Children's Yoga. Her classes offer an open and inclusive vibe for newcomers and those growing their practice. You might laugh, you might feel things you're not used to, in any case you'll leave class feeling stronger, stretchier and delightfully vibrant.

Cam Lee

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Chiara Martini

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Cindy Gu

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