New to Yoga?

Yoga is a lot of things. What yoga is for you has yet to be defined. We will help you get comfortable, and start this exploration. You are welcome to jump right into any of our scheduled classes, our instructors are some of the best! We don't expect much, just a willingness to try new things, to learn from experience, and to let go of expectations. If you can do that, then Hive Yoga will be a great new community for you!

Another great way to boost confidence, and start with a great foundation is to register for one of our Fundamentals Classes.


Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing, or tights. If your clothes restrict your movement, you're fighting an uphill battle. If you don't have your own yoga mat, we have one for you. Bring some water to drink, and a towel if you tend to sweat a lot during exercise.
Please aim to be in the classroom 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. If you've never been to The Hive North Shore before, you'll have to fill out a waiver. We ask that everyone who comes to The Hive do an orientation as well, so if possible, please allot some time for that on your first day. If you're planning to only ever come for yoga, you're still going to want an orientation, our facility is huge!
Yes, we do! You're welcome to shower before and after class, it's up to you - we even have a foot bath if your feet need a rinse. Yogi's keep their feet clean, as you become more flexible you'll understand why. Bring a towel to dry off, we currently do not rent towels at this location.
A yoga drop-in covers yoga and general fitness use but unfortunately, climbing is not included with your yoga class. You can purchase a Climbing + Yoga membership if you know you're into both yoga and climbing. The good news is that you're welcome to use any of our training equipment in the general fitness area or the WiFi in our Arc'teryx Lounge prior to or after your yoga class.
You bet it is! The trick is to find the class that works for you. Try all our classes, and feel into how each style of yoga lands in your body. Some will be better for recovery, some will improve performance. Email us for advice if you need more specifics and check out our classes for more information on each of our class styles.