Yoga Class Descriptions


Hatha Yoga is an all levels yoga class incorporating yoga poses and mobility exercises to increase strength and flexibility and decrease stress levels. Breath work, rolling techniques, meditation and techniques for relaxation will be incorporated.


Power Yoga is a fun and athletic class for all levels usually led to music that applies dynamic movement to strength based poses. This energetic and challenging class will make you sweat and feel more limber. If you are looking to work hard and get strong, this is your class. Variations of poses are given for different levels of experience.

Functional Movement

Body weight conditioning and mobility exercises to improve the natural and functional movements of everyday living. Pushing, pulling, squatting, twisting, lunging, spinal movements and locomotion floor exercises will be explored. A challenging yet therapeutic class for beginners, intermediates and experienced movers. Rolling massage techniques may be included. Great for climbers and yogis alike.


Pilates is an all levels core based strength and conditioning practice using body weight and a few simple props. Great for prehab and rehab and for building balance and symmetry in the body.


Our Restorative Yoga class holds space for resting poses so that we learn how to transition mindfully from action into rest using supportive props to fully let the body melt into the pose. By consciously resting, our nervous system relaxes, restores and regulates the systems of the body. Leave this class feeling rested, energized and well-equipped to take on the remainder of the week. To stay cosy wear your favourite sweater, socks, and full length yoga pants to this class.


Yin is our end of the day relaxation yoga practice. Mostly seated hip and back stretches supported with props held for longer periods of time. Great for stiffer bodies and busy minds.


Acro Yoga combines yoga and acrobatics. This fun class builds confidence, trust and a unique type of spacial awareness. Students generally work in groups of 2 or 3, teaming up to build safe and interesting balance combinations. May include playful partner stretches and warm-up exercises.